What we as a church are about. 

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Who Is Our Senior Pastor?

Pastor Tommaso (Tom) Pasquarella has served at Cornerstone for the past ten years and will continue to do so as the LORD allows. 

Cornerstone exists in order to glorify God, by being biblically rooted as a body, seeking to conform each member to the image of Christ, so that each member would be fully equipped for every good work and would live a life worth imitating. In order to be a part of this body, one must be born again, dead to sin and alive to Christ, who gave His life as a payment for our sin, and a continuing in the gospel. Cornerstone sees each member equipped to share their faith, which overflows from a love for God, living a life that overflows from God's Word, together seeking God's face, God's way, for God's glory, by applying God's truth to everyday life, because life in Christ is to be lived out.

Cornerstone is to be a body that goes and not just a people who come. 

Cornerstone Baptist Church Okeechobee

What Do We Teach?

We teach out of both the Old and the New Testaments for they together make up the inerrant, authoritative, God inspired Word of God, the bible. 



Bible Conference: Friday January 29 6:30-9:15